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I was once told "that the best way to hide something from a [black person] was to put it in a book."  Help me make this statement false.

Writing is more than a ability or a talent it is a gift.  Those with this gift are able to take words and give them new meaning and new life.  They take words you know those things we use every day and make them into poems, stories, novels, etc...  that intrigue the mind, lighten the spirit, create passion, educate on a variety of  topics and the list goes on.

With this page it is my intention to pay tribute to those with this gift one individual at a time. In particular Black writers with this gift.  Every month, I intend to put an example of someone's work here for the pleasure of the visitors to my site.  Included with this individuals work will be information on how to contact the author and or how to access more of the authors work.  If you would like to submit work please Click here or on the button below and see the page with the detailed rules on how to submit work.   I apologize for this now but I would like to keep Literary Corner a clean forum. It is for this reason that I have constructed these submission Guidelines.   For those who write Erotica I will accept it into the corner as long as it is done tasteful.  Be aware that I will accept anonymous submissions.  Arrangements can made to have response to your work forwarded to you.  More detailed on anonymous submissions is located on the list of rules and guidelines.    If you have any suggestions as to how I can improve the Literary Corner please click here put Literary Corner Suggestions in the subject area.  (Please do not forget the subject area because without it your suggestions may never be received.)

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"I never knew I was this tired til' I fell asleep behind the wheel"

by Kevin Grimes

Waking up on the side of the road and I'm not glad that I survived
I was just in a car crash and I'm the only one still alive,
I never knew I was that tired, too tired to even drive
I was going to make a special trip I was headed up I-75,
I remember my wife calling my job saying take your time it's not a race
I wish that I had taken her advice, used caution, instead I used haste,
The Fire Dept came real quick to put out the blazing fire
Three are dead! Hey you! What happened? and to them I replied
I never knew I was that tired, too tired to even drive,
The man that approached me said three are dead and yes
I am the Chief
I just shook my head from side to side, my life is over, I had to weep,

I said, “Chief !”,

My wife, my son, and my mom, they have all just been killed
I never knew I was that tired, til' I fell asleep behind the wheel.



"Your Blood and Your Sister"
by Kevin Grimes


I haven’t seen my younger sister, since the day that she was born
 I left and went my own way, I had to do it even though my family was torn,

My sister’s seventeen now and she wouldn’t recognize my face
My parents don’t even speak my name, there’s no pictures, and no trace,

She is the star pitcher at a school in the same state
I often want to check her out but I just say no, and I wait,

My girl said at the state championship, my sister will be the starting pitcher
I said I am not going, she said why not, that’s “Your blood and Your sister”,

So I jump in my car and head on down to see my baby sister
After all I am the one that left, I coming back because I miss her,

I go in the stands, and sit with the fans, as she throws strikes across the plate
I wave to mom and dad, then they do too but first they hesitate,

My mom said we are so glad to see you, we are glad that you are enduring
I said, “It has been seventeen years since I last seen you, I have done a lot of maturing”,

My sister and I have a lot in common but she’s a Jones, and I am a Fischer
My mom said you have came a long way, you have to go see her, she’s “Your Blood and Your Sister”,

After the game I went on the field to do what I came to do
The coach who is our uncle came from behind me, he said “Who are you?”,  

The field is just for family off limits to fans and the media crew
 I turned and he saw me, “How can it be, is it really you?”

Out from the bleachers my sister came she starting crying and said “I ‘m this team’s pitcher”
I said hello Renae, my name is Lenae, I’m your twin, “Your Blood and Your Sister!!”.

Bio and Contact Information of the Author:

The following information was written by the author and edited to fit the site with the author's permission.

Name: Kevin Grimes

My name is Kevin Grimes and I am 25 years of age.  I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio before entering the Navy's Submarine Force at age 17. I am now an accountant, residing in Florida, where I have been living for the last 5 years.  I just want to thank you for taking the time to read and comment on the work of an Amateur Writer.


Contact Information


Click on the mailbox to email Kevin.

If you wish to remain anonymous but still wish to comment on the work you have just read, you can also send any comments on the authors work to, All comments will be forwarded to the author without an email address attached they will not be edited for any reason.

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January & Februaury 2001:

This month's showcase was a book synopsis for Babe  by Delores Thornton. Delores Thornton is a lifelong resident of Indianapolis, Indiana. She belongs to several writing organizations including The Women's Writing Guild, the Prolific Writers Network, and Black Writers on Tour. Thornton is a volunteer for the Indianapolis Public Library Literacy Program. And she also offers self-publishing tips to aspiring writers through her monthly column on the You can contact Delores by Clicking Here or by visiting her website at

March 2001-August 2001

The March - August showcase was a children's sort story called The Journey of Anjumi by Gwendolyn Morris  by Delores Thornton. Created for Grades 5-7 The Journey of ANjumi is an introduction to the American Slave Trade Era.  A 13 year old gilr is kidnapped and brought to the Americas where she is sold and learns the horrors of enslavement.  With the help of a friend, she escapes into Native American territory where she finds live and a new life.  Though the story was designed for children I throughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to one and all.  

Gwen Morris is a graduate of Morgan State University and is currently working on a Masters in Information Technology. She is working on a supernatural erotic romance, an excerpt of which can be seen at her website. And, she is the author of six children's books.

You can contact Gwendolyn Clicking Here or by visiting her website at

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